A New Take on Non-dairy Cheese: Kite Hill Is Brilliant!

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Recently I discovered magic, in the form of a non-dairy cheese.



Vegan products that are intended to mimic their non-vegan counterparts so often disappoint. Non-dairy cheese has been an prominent example of unfortunate food-copying for years. The problems of rice, soy and almond cheeses have been many:  their textures were off, their flavors were less than pleasant or odd, they wouldn’t melt, plus they sometimes contained caseinates or other dairy ingredients. They were best to be avoided.

That is, until the wonderful company called Kite Hill decided to go back to basics. Rather than trying to fake cheese using stabilizers and gums, they opted to use traditional cheese-making techniques with a selection of cultures and enzymes that work specifically with almond milk. You can learn more about the process at their website.

The results are outstanding. I tried their soft-ripened product first (see photograph above). This is an aged almond milk cheese with a rind. Wow! The soft center was positively delicious. It reminded me of a lovely brie, although the company does not make that comparison.



Kite Hill also offers cream cheese and almond milk ricotta products, as well as some other specialty foods.

Where can you try some? Currently Kite Hill cheeses are available at select Whole Foods stores. If your local Whole Foods store doesn’t carry them, try asking the manager if he or she can order some for you.

Note:  In case you are interested, I am not an affiliate of Kite Hill or Whole Foods, although if they were willing to send me some more Kite Hill cheese products, I would be happy to become one. 🙂

Have you tried Kite Hill cheeses? What do you think?


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